Due to COVID-19,  table tennis sessions have been postponed as of March 2020 until further notice.  When schools re-open and the Park District re-schedules, this website will be updated.


The Naperville Table Tennis Club is a fun, casual, table tennis club that invites all ages and skill levels.  We are an official Naperville Park District Program and you must sign up with the Park District. We play at River Woods Elementary School in Naperville in the fall through spring of every year. 

If you are a beginner or intermediate player and want to improve your skills by playing better players, then we are the club for you.  Typically, on each visit you will play a half-dozen of the players that show up for that evening. 

All you need to play is to bring your own paddle.

Serving is a key part of the game. Come learn some new serves!

The season starts in September and runs through May with multiple 7-week sessions, but you can start / stop any time. You are welcome to sign up to play in any 7-week session, and you don’t have to play the whole season.  See you there!

Naperville Table Tennis Club,  River Woods Elementary School, 2607 River Woods Drive, Naperville, Illinois